Ashok Leyland reports 31.4% rise in total sales

Ashok Leyland has reported a 31.4% rise in total sales and stood at 12,209 units in December 2015. The company had sold 9,290 units in the corresponding period last year. Medium and heavy commercial vehicle sales have jumped by more than 35.33% to 9,758 units in December.  Last year the company had sold 7,210 in the same month. LCV accounted for 2,451 units which show a growth of 17.83%.

Ashok Leyland is an Indian Automobile manufacturing company which is controlled by Hinduja Group. It is the 4th largest manufacturer of Buses in the world. Ashok Leyland buses carry more people daily than the number of people carried by the Indian Railways across the nation. Founded in 1948, its control was acquired partially by the Hinduja group in 1987 and full control was obtained by Hindujas in 2007.

Ashok Leyland has maintained its profitable record for the last 60 years and has never been in the red. The total turnover of the company has been pegged at US$ 1.7 billion in 2013-14. It sold 89,342 medium and heavy vehicles in 2013-14. It also remains the biggest exporter of medium and heavy duty trucks. It has 6 factories and employs more than 12000 employees.

The company had some testing times in 2013-14 when it sold real estate and other surplus land and related assets and registered a modest profit.

Ashok Leyland is controlled by Hinduja Group. The Hinduja Group is a multinational entity which has a presence in over fifty countries worldwide and sells a wide range of products. Ashok Leyland Buses have a near monopoly in most State Transport Corporation. Four out of five most populous metros of India have State Transport Undertaking (STU) buses coming from Ashok Leyland. Ashok Leyland also makes specialized buses, tailor–made for high–density routes like the double–decker and vestibule buses.