Women reveal their secret sexual fantasies

Women reveal their secret sexual fantasies


Today’s times there is no holding back of feelings and emotions. Everything is out there in the open. There will not be a single human being, who is not touched by a sweet sensation of ultimate fantasising game. Woo-man in different ways and methods is an ultimate secret sexual fantasy by any woman. It’s a natural phenomenon to fantasies about events and people, whilst being with your partner. If the couple is upfront and talk it out. It makes the entire experience worthwhile and more fulfilling. In a very subtle way these secret sexual fantasies make way in your life.

Women often do not take the first step towards revealing their innermost fantasies. Thus onus lies on the other partner to remove the peels over the secret sexual fantasies. These talks often make the bonding stronger, relationship more fulfilling and rewarding. There is nothing one should hide or feel guilty about. It’s healthy and natural to feel attracted and strong about something you wish to experience, have not experienced so far. Secret need not be a super dark secret anymore, it can be put on the table between the two of you. There can be role-playing, scenario’s to begin with the discussion.


Being dominant in your secret sexual fantasies is a route you take to splurge out your emotional dynamo. Women like when they are in command of the situation. There is someone just obeying her commands; gives a different kind of a thrill. Being anonymous to a mystery man is a very seductive thought whilst letting go of all inhibitions. Giving a different degree of freedom with no strings attached. Holding the helm of the roller coaster ride and commanding the wind to blow as per your desire. A seductress turned to queen of commands for an entirely ultimate satisfaction.

Secret sexual fantasies include having sex with your ex-boyfriend/husband. It’s forbidden in nature, but has something very erotic about it. It gives them a sneak peek into what they are going to miss forever. An ultimate revenge one can think of to take without looking back. It’s one of the most popular fantasies discussed on all ladies get together. A survey conducted online states that 56% of the ladies confessed of being there and done that for their soul satisfaction. Becoming a Diva and taking complete charge of the man, whom you despise being with, gives an eternal peace to mind and body.

Mostly dates don’t go as you desire them to be. But surprises are always welcomed. Especially for a special occasion when best half plans every detail amicably. Vacation to a romantic destination Paris, New York or Rome, booking a romantic place to stay with surprises splurged on the lady every day. Making her feel special and top priority. Keeping your office and work at bay. Something she never imagined and feels like just out of the Mills and Boon novel. Revealing your secret sexual fantasies and making memories to the most cherished moments of your life.