Don Miller – Managing Editor

Don is a lifelong Florida resident with a passion for writing just about anything business news and pop culture related.  He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He serves as publisher and editor for Pop Army and has been published on numerous political, entertainment, sports and finance sites.

Talia Ramos – Contributor

Talia Ramos has been interested in the entertainment industry since she was a child. Movie reviews and entertainment news are Talia’s favorite subjects to cover and she is eager to find out everything about anything coming to a screen near you.

Dylan Ryals – Contributor 

After many years as a talent scout for various productions on screen and on stage, Dylan left the spotlight to concentrate on a simpler life. Now, he writes about various aspects of the entertainment industry from his home in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Wendy Walker  – Contributor

Exploring the newest television shows is Wendy Walker’s passion. She has spent most of her post-college career on the sets of various shows, working on a wide variety of production tasks. Today, she brings that same enthusiasm to her articles about the television industry.

Renee Johnson – Contributor

While some writers create work for specific genres, Renee considers herself an all-around author. In addition to contributions on her favorite topics to include finance, technology, and news, she also writes about health, sports, and celebrities.