Khloé Kardashian has kicked Lamar Odom out after finding Crack Pipe

Latest gossip reports suggest that reality TV superstar, Khloé Kardashian, has kicked her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Odom out of the house she rented for him while he was recovering from his overdose accident in Las Vegas.

More specifically, the reason behind this decision lies in the fact that she found a crack pipe within the property, which proves that Odom hasn’t still managed to resolve his drug addiction, despite last year’s near-death incident.

As TMZ has originally reported, Kardashian has been renting a $25,000 per month luxurious estate for Odom, which is located near her own home, after he was released from the hospital. Kardashian chose to rent a house for Odom in an effort to avoid having to check in with him at a rehab center.

The 6,400 square foot pad has reportedly been on a lease that is due to end next month, which Kardashian is not planning to renew, sources close to her confirmed to TMZ.

At the time of writing, gossip outlets report that Odom is couch-surfing and staying with friends. As Celebuzz has correctly pointed out, Odom is effectively homeless at the moment.

Furthermore, it is also worth adding that Kardashian filed for divorce in May, since she dismissed the first one’s petition, which was filed in December 2013, just a few weeks before getting validated, due to Odom’s drug overdose in the Nevada brothel.

The second filling includes all the details that the couple had agreed on in the first divorce, while a prenup exists as well. Besides various financial settlements, Kardashian has stated in the past that she will be legally dropping the Odom name and go back to her maiden handle.

Kardashian has reportedly based the divorce claiming  irreconcilable differences. Since the divorce was filed in California, it will take a six-month time frame for it to become final.

Via: People Magazine